Olympic Challenge Competition Results

Mrs Halbert had a very tough decision to make, choosing the winners of our Olympic challenges.

“I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your creativity, enterprise, imagination and hard work.” – Mrs Halbert

The whole Academy competed in tutor groups, to win a number of challenges, inspired by the Rio 2016 Olympics. The three challenges that they were set included:

  • Country trivia display – Each tutor group was been given a country which they had to create a door display outside of their classroom, featuring a number of facts about their country.
  • Olympic ring values – They had to create the Olympic rings e.g. drawing, making or painting, and choose four of our FRED ICE values, placing their meaning in/on/around the rings.
  • Adventures of FRED ICE – Tutors had to find a bear which will be used to go on a FRED ICE journey. Using the values they have chosen they must demonstrate them practically and have displayed on the bear which value he is representing.

It was very close call but the winners are:

Country Banners

Gold – AHBE for China

Silver – VEWB for Venezuela

Bronze – VSWA for Peru

Small School Banner Winners

Aspiration – ASDE for Australia

Inspiration – ISCL for Egypt

Motivation – MCCR for Sweden

Innovation – VHGO for United States of America

Olympic Rings


Silver – MKBR

Bronze – AKMN

Adventures of FRED ICE

Gold – IBBN – IBBN Storyboard

Silver – MPHE – Clever use of rings and bear

Bronze  – VRLA – Great use of a movie and the rings

Well done to all tutors who took part, it was amazing seeing all of you creative skills displayed around the Academy!