Opening the Academy to future potential students

With PRIDE, we welcomed parents and potential students to our Academy for the Year 6 Open Evening on Tuesday 19 September 2017. It was brilliant to see so many attend to find out what Freebrough Academy has to offer for them. Hearing from both the Principal, Mrs Prentice and the Chief Executive Officer of the Teesside Learning Trust, Mrs Halbert; a number of courageous Y7 students also spoke about their experience at the Academy so far and members of the newly formed Freebrough Parliament also shared their journey at the Academy.

Parents and students had the opportunity to take part in our treasure hunt which allowed them full access to the Academy, giving them the chance to visit all subject areas. Each subject area also had lessons taking place for which parents could sign up and take part. The activities were wide and varied, for example science experiments and trampolining.

Real enthusiasm was shown by parents and students throughout the evening and the feedback from parents was so positive, providing a great end to a fantastic evening.

Mr Donnison, Assistant Principal, told us he was extremely happy with how the evening proceeded: “It was a pleasure to welcome into our Academy so many parents and students. The evening was filled with so much fun and genuine enthusiasm, with all involved Daring Greatly.”


Our lucky prize winner of the treasure hunt, Shannon from Skelton Primary School was presented with her prize during one of her lessons. Shannon had correctly identified the winning phrase from the treasure hunt, well done Shannon!