Attendance Statistics

Whole Academy (Year to Date – to Spring Term 2)

2010-2011             93.9%

2011-2012             93.7%

2012-2013             93.3%

2013-2014             94.2%

2014-2015             93.4%

2015-2016             94.4%

2016-2017             94.0%

Persistent Absenteeism (Less than 90%)

‘Persistent Absenteeism’ refers to those students who are absent from school for more the 10% of the time, which in turn means that their attendance is less than 90%. We work proactively to prevent students from falling into this category but on occasions this is unsuccessful. We have specific protocol in place when working with these students. This involves Pre Attendance Case Conference meetings with the student and their parents and setting clear targets over a period of time. The number of review periods is decided on a case by case basis and generally this approach is successful in leading the student out of the PA category. On the rare occasions that this is unsuccessful we progress the meetings to Attendance Case Conference and may work alongside the Local Authority to commence a prosecution process.

Academic Year (Year to date to Spring Term 2) Less than 90%
2014 / 2015 15.5%
2015 / 2016 15.9%
2016 / 2017 13.3%