Rewards and Interventions

Attendance Rewards

We make it a high priority to reward those students who have sustained excellent attendance or made real improvements to their attendance. Some of the examples of current rewards are outlined below:

  • Weekly attendance lottery for those students achieving 100% attendance over the course of the previous week
  • Issuing of Freebrough Flyers on a weekly basis 
  • Positive letters home
  • Awarding of PRIDE points
  • ‘Cohort Attendance Reward’ (CAR) early lunch on a Friday for the cohort that achieves the best attendance over the course of the previous week.
  • Issuing of attendance certificates
  • Bacon sandwiches (or vegetarian alternative) for those students achieving 100% attendance over the course of the half term
  • The ‘12 Days of Christmas’ attendance incentive. Over Autumn Term 2, those students achieving 100% attendance will be eligible for the  ’12 Days of Christmas’ draw. A winner is revealed every day in the 12 days in December leading up to the Christmas holidays and the student receives a prize.
  • Focus mentored groups 

Attendance Interventions

In addition to the many interventions for those students who are approaching or are already at the PA threshold of 90%, we use a variety of alternative initiatives to assist those other students who have between 90-96% attendance. Outlined below are some of the interventions that we currently use:

  • Tutor/Pastoral Leader and Attendance Officer support with issues affecting attendance
  • Close Monitoring of attendance – progress tracked by student and tutor
  • Individual incentives where appropriate
  • Individual interventions 
  • Parents notified of concern
  • Early intervention meetings
  • Referrals to other agencies if required