Design, Innovate, Create and Evolve

Key stage 3

Freebrough Academy, Linden Road, Brotton. Photographed by Michelle Maddison Photography 07798724746

Within the faculty we believe that short 6 weeks projects work well for our students. Every 6 weeks our students are assessed and a new project begins. This allows our students to sample a wide range of material areas each year and therefore increase their technological understanding. The key stage 3 curriculum is progressive and therefore as the students move through the year groups they experience greater challenge whilst building upon previous knowledge and understanding.




Key stage 4

Within our faculty we believe it is important to offer our students a wide range of choices to allow them to both enjoy and succeed.

Our Key Stage 4 students are currently studying one or more of the following courses. Please note that we try to personalise the curriculum as much as possible therefore these course may change for future year groups.


Year Group Subject Qualification Type Course Title Exam Board Link to course related   documents and specifications
10 & 11 Engineering BTEC Diploma BTEC   Level 2 Diploma in Engineering (QCF) Edexcel
10 & 11 Engineering BTEC Diploma BTEC   Level 2 Extended Certificate in Engineering (QCF) Edexcel
10 & 11 Graphic Products GCSE Design and Technology:   Graphic Products AQA
10 & 11 Resistant Materials GCSE Design and Technology:   Resistant Materials AQA
10 & 11 ICT OCR Nationals (2010) OCR Nationals Level 2   National First Award in ICT OCR
10 Catering GCSE Catering – Single Award WJEC
11 Child Development GCSE Home Economics: Child   Development OCR
11 Food Technology GCSE Design and Technology: Food   Technology AQA