Behaviour for Learning

Freebrough Academy Values

At Freebrough Academy we encourage all members of the school community to live by their values and to be ‘Daring Greatly’ learners.

To find out more about our values please see our ‘Freebrough Academy Values’ webpage.

Learning Ladder

The Academy uses a learning ladder to reward and issue consequences to the students.  You will find a copy of this in each classroom close to the board.

We reward students for exceptional behaviour using the R1-4 on the ladder and equally use C1-4 for students not following expectations.


Expert Learners

Students who regularly exceed our expectations in a wide range of categories including attendance, punctuality, attitude to learning, participation in extra curricular activities and living the Freebrough Values may be awarded Expert Learner status.  They are given a pin badge to wear on their blazer and are eligible for a range of rewards and privileges.



Learner Qualities