Other Information


  • Menus designed to encourage a healthier choice
  • Working with teachers to include healthier living in the school curriculum
  • Training our team to understand the principles involved and promoting healthy eating
  • Using promotional material to highlight the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


We have developed a fully comprehensive quality assurance system to safeguard all catering practices within the Academy. All members of the catering team are trained in its application and hold, as a minimum, food hygiene and safety certificates. As a regular practice, the catering operation is audited on a termly basis to ensure compliance to its quality manual.

Cashless Catering

The Academy operates a cashless catering system. This system speeds up the queuing process for your child, allows anonymity for students in receipt of free school meals.

Each student has an individual account containing information already held on our school database and a numeric value based upon the scanned fingerprint image of your son/daughter. As the actual fingerprint is not stored on the system it is not possible to recreate the image for any other purpose. The Academy is subject to the same terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act in holding this information as we are with any other information we already hold on your child.

Warning & Alert Management

Purchases at the till will show if a student has an Allergen and this can be used to prevent purchases where specific dietary and allergy requirements are enforced.

We ask parents to inform the administration office of any changes in their child’s dietary requirements.

Payment Options

Students simply visit one of the cashless catering machines when they arrive at school to top up their account and then later pay for their food at the till by using their fingerprint.

You can pay for your child’s meals online using sQuid – sQuid’s online ePayment portal enables swift transactions between parents and the Academy. Payments are secure and fast.

Parents can also use the sQuid ePayment portal to make payments for other items such as Academy trips, Academy uniforms or other Academy related payments. Parents simply login to their account and are presented with the range of items specific to their child, therefore cash or cheques do not need to be sent to the Academy.