Performing and Creative Arts Faculty News

KS4 performance evening

Students from the Y10 GCSE Drama and Year 9 GCSE Dance groups performed extracts of their work to an audience on 17 March 2016 during a KS4 performance evening. The Y10 Drama students had spent three weeks researching the death penalty in America and created a performance which focused on the innocent people who are awaiting the death penalty.

Dance performances consisted of a series of solos and duets that the students had choreographed using three movement motifs from ‘Perfect’ by Motionhouse as a stimulus. Parents and peers were invited and enjoyed a fantastic evening of Drama and Dance.

Drama Students ExamYear 11 Drama student’s closing performance

The Year 11 GCSE Drama students have done themselves proud by completing their Drama course. All of the students devised and created heart wrenching performances which they performed to an external examiner on Tuesday 19 April 2016 for their final practical exam. They explored very sensitive issues and have worked tirelessly to perfect their performances to ensure that the right messages were received by the audience. Attending after school sessions, Easter holiday rehearsals and working really hard in lessons really did pay off.

Parents and staff were lucky enough to see these performances at a showcase evening and every single member of the audience spoke so highly of the students and their work.

“All the performances were absolutely fantastic and you have all done yourselves proud. You have all been an absolute delight to work with over the past two years and I am going to miss you all enormously.” – Mrs Skidmore

Performing News 3Year 9 GCSE Drama tackle racism

Tackling some serious issues in their lessons, the Year 9 GCSE Drama class have been looking at racial segregation, stereotypes and misconceptions. They are creating characters and stories which are helping them to empathise with anyone who has experienced racism. Their biggest challenge so far has been taking part in a racist experiment created by Jane Elliot in 1968.

Performing News 4 newProsthetics Club

The Freebrough Prosthetics club has been a huge success yet again, with students learning the art of creating wounds and scars using a wide variety of materials, to creating full face casts. The team goes from strength to strength and the students always surprise us with their creative abilities.

Students have taken home what they have created to show their families, be it a broken nose scar to open wounds on their arms and they have had some amazing responses e.g. “oh no! What have you done” as said by one member’s family. This really shows how realistic the student’s creations are.

Performing News 5Recycled rosettes

Y7 Project Based Learning students worked with Lucy Leaver using recycled materials to create rosettes for their forthcoming event ‘Freebrough’s most unusual tea party’ at Freebrough Academy. All of the bright vibrant colours and different designs showed the student’s individuality. Lucy is a local artist who recycles materials, creating them into wonderful and interesting pieces of art and she expressed how great it was to meet and work with the students. The students had a great time working with an artist-in-residence and look forward to many more opportunities.

Clay building and inspiring students – Artist-in-residence returns

Meg Ashley previously worked with the Y11 GCSE Art group and returned recently to inspire other year groups. Working for a day with Y9s on their ‘Freebrough’s most unusual tea party’ ceramics, the students had a great time using new clay building techniques and experiencing life as a professional ceramicist. Meg also worked with Y10s over two afternoons, inspiring them with her own paintings and sharing some of her paint techniques. The results from her techniques are amazing and the students loved learning how mixed media art could include polyfilla, baking flour and sand. Meg stated it was a pleasure to work with such enthusiastic students. As always it was a pleasure to welcome Meg back to the academy.

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Photographing ‘A sense of Place’Performing News 8

The Year 9 GCSE Photography group had a delightful afternoon taking a trip to Saltburn. The students were looking to capture the colours, patterns, natural forms, structures and other characteristics that would capture ‘A Sense of Place’ in the seaside town, Saltburn. The images will be used as part of their developing portfolio of photography work and will form part of an exhibition in the future.

Summer event ‘Freebrough’s most unusual tea party’

A special event will be held by the performing and creative arts faculty on Thursday 7 July 2016 at 6.00 pm. There will be a variety of stalls, performances and lots more to get involved in and you are invited. We hope to see you there at ‘Freebrough’s most unusual tea party’!