Post 16 Journeys – Adam’s Journey to Uni…

It’s been almost a month since I moved to London which seems so crazy to me. It honestly feels like I’ve been here for a few days, it has absolutely FLEW by. 

I moved here so that I could study Digital Television Production, a course I found out about two years ago and instantly fell in love with. I’m studying at Ravensbourne which is a small university just outside the O2 Arena that specialises in digital media and design. Most people I’ve spoken to have never heard of it (I hadn’t until I started researching) however, it’s a big name in the media industry and is well known amongst industry professionals. I’m midway through my 2nd week of the course and I absolutely love it. At the moment, we’re still learning the basics: health and safety, lighting and sound etc, but the lecturers and other people on my course are all lovely and friendly. I was amazed at how easy it is to make friends with new people at uni! If you’re thinking about uni in the future, don’t worry about making friends like I did. You’ll be fine, I promise.

Obviously, going to a university in London means I had to move into student accommodation, something I was very eager to do. I’d always wanted to live the typical ‘student lifestyle’ and it’s so weird that now I am and I’m absolutely loving it. My accommodation is incredible; I have my own private room that includes an en-suite, a kitchen, a living area and bed. It’s pretty expensive but the wonderful view of Canary Wharf and being 10 minutes walk away from university makes it all worth it. I’ve also got myself a job selling merchandise at the O2 Arena which is so exciting. Just last night I was selling programmes at one of Justin Bieber’s four London tour dates, it was so much fun.  

I’ve settled in here so well. I have a close-knit group of friends who I feel like I’ve known my entire life. We do all the grown-up things together like, food shops, laundry, hoovering etc, I’m a proper adult now and life is weird.

It honestly feels like yesterday when I was in the Post 16 building setting up my UCAS account and discussing which uni would be best for me. I remember saying to my teachers that I would never get into Ravensbourne”, but they all kept me motivated and enthusiastic the entire time. I’m genuinely so glad I chose to go to Post 16. I know that I wouldn’t be here in London if I had chosen to go elsewhere. People tried to mock me in Year 11 for not choosing to go to one of the bigger colleges in the area, which at the time made me a bit doubtful, but looking back I would still make the exact same decision. I feel like the staff at Post 16 really care about their students and will do everything in their power to ensure you get exactly where you want to be. The staff were always there if I needed help: preparing for an interview, constructing a showreel/portfolio and applying for student finance. They went above and beyond to make sure I could be where I am today and I am very grateful for that.

If you’re considering university in the future, have a look around online. You’ll go through hundreds of different courses/locations before you find the one that’s perfect for you. The earlier you start the better, as it allows you to attend open days and taster sessions before making the final decision. Most importantly, don’t stress. I stressed about uni so much during my time at college and I wish I hadn’t. Uni is such a fantastic opportunity to move away from home, become a proper adult, learn things, and meet a bunch of new people. It’s great and I love it.

Adam Torka (Former Post 16@Freebrough and Freebrough Academy student)