Singing about staying safe online with singer Rich Cottell

On 1 December 2015, Year 7 – 10 students were singing, clapping and dancing when Rich Cottell visited the academy to inform students about staying safe online, cyberbullying and discrimination. He informed students, incorporating music to get his message across, about the seriousness of inappropriate photos and images online.

Rich is a singer/songwriter from Devon, describing his music as feel good indie pop – with a ‘life is just wonderful’ vibe. Rich’s personality is a perfect match for his music, he used to teach music to pupils in schools all over Devon before performing to big crowds.

Students had a great time learning in a fun way, taking part and interacting. Rich also signed autographs and held a question and answer activity. Here are a few of the student responses;

“Helpful information about e-safety” – Amber Y9

“Class!” – Shannon Y9

“Funny and informative” – Aaron Y9

“It was brilliant, I enjoyed taking part in the performance and I gained useful information too!” – Skye Y7