Want to know about your Pastoral Leader?

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Mrs Douglas

What do you do as a Pastoral Leader?

Lots of different things! As part of my role, I have responsibility for behaviour, attendance, punctuality, uniform and guidance. I meet with parents, work with lots of different agencies, make referrals to different teams and have some responsibility for child protection. I also present data in assembly every week.

I am also responsible for ‘student voice’ in the academy, which means that I lead the Academy Council, the Small School Councils, and work with the Head Boys and Girls.

Do you like being a Pastoral Leader?

I love it! I really enjoy my job. Every day is different and I work with a fantastic team.

What is it like to help younger children?

Helping children and their families is extremely rewarding. Some students experience huge challenges in their lives, and go through periods of great stress and it is nice to know that I can offer support. Even little things like helping students become friends again after a falling out can make a huge difference.

What is your favourite part about being a Pastoral Leader?

Knowing that I have helped somebody when they have had a problem is very rewarding.

I enjoy working with young people and I love to see them succeed. I also enjoy my lunch duties as I get to spend time with the students in a very informal way and just chat to the students.

Mrs Halbert is very supportive as a Principal and in January I was lucky enough to spend three days in Parliament, learning all about democracy and how this applies to students in school.

What is the hardest part of your job?

Sometimes the job is very busy and lots of people need your help at the same time. This could be a little stressful but luckily I work with a great team who all help each other out.

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