Year 7 Transition

Moving to a new school can be scary, especially going from a school where you were one of the oldest to a school where you are now one of the youngest. At Freebrough we try to make the transition period from primary to secondary as seamless as possible to reduce any concerns that students and parents may have.

We transfer Year 6 students into Year 7 for the last three weeks of the summer term. At this point all groups have moved up a year so Year 7 follow their new timetable.  We wanted to find out more about what happens during the transition period and how our new Year 7 students have found the transition.

Interview with Mr Donnison – The Assistant Principal who leads on Primary Partnerships, including transition.

Could you tell me what the transitional period entails?

People think that the transition period is just the three weeks at the end of the summer term. It is so much more than that. In February I visit all of the primary schools to find out about the Year 6 students. Any students who require an even earlier transition are identified and it also allows for number crunching to sort classes out etc. We then hold a transition evening allowing students to get their finger prints taken for the cashless system and to be measured for uniform. Then the three weeks in June/July allow students to get to know their normal classes, teachers and the building. They are involved in assessments and activities allowing them to work in groups and get to know students from different primary schools. They have a number of fun activities including: a day at Teesside University and work with humanutopia.

What exciting activities have you got lined up this year?

Teesside University visit – walking to the moon. The students are trained like astronauts! It involved a lot of physical activity like cycling, climbing walls but also allowed us to talk to the students outside of the classroom environment and find out more about them and their personalities. Personally it was my favourite part.

Why do you do transition?

If we didn’t have this process for transition we know that our students (and parents) would worry for the whole six weeks what is was like, panicking and stressing about things that probably would never happen. When they start in September it allows them to come back TO school rather than be coming to a new school. They are totally at ease, everything isn’t new to them.  It also allows students to start making progress right from day one as they are ready to go.


Interview with Year 7 transition students

What are you looking forward to?

“When we come back from the six weeks”

“Joining sports clubs”

What have you done so far?

“Trip on a school trip to Teesside University”

“Introducing ourselves”

How did you feel on your first day?

“Very nervous”


Have you met any new friends?


“Yes, 5”

What was your favourite part?


“Project based learning”

Sum up your experience in one word