Year 9 get their hands soapy in Health and Social Care

On Wednesday 4 May 2016 during period 4 and 5, Mrs Matthew’s Year 9 Health and Social Care students organised an event which involved helping St Peter’s Year 4 students to make soap. It was organised to help the Health and Social Care class demonstrate the care values and communication skills that they had been learning about.

We interviewed a few students who took part in the activities, Beth and Jodie said: “We were really nervous because we weren’t used to working with primary students.” Ellie and Patricia said: “It really helped us to talk to more people of other ages and it gave us confidence.” The activities involved making soap and designing packaging. The Y9 students really enjoyed the experience, especially at the end when they saw the beaming smiles of all the Y4 students!

Katelyn Y7, ReporterLogo