Enrichment @ Freebrough Academy

Freebrough Academy offers a diverse and engaging enrichment programme that will stimulate and motivate students and draw out hidden talent.

Our vision is to inspire young people and provide a wealth of opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, creativity and leadership resulting ultimately in individuals achieving their goals.



Why is enrichment important and what can it do for you?

Opportunity for you to;

??????? ??Demonstrate commitment
??????? ??Blow off steam
??????? ??Be part of something worthwhile
??????? ??Develop your team and leadership skills
??????? ??Meet new people
??????? ??Make friends
??????? ??Support your learning
??????? ??Improve your education/career chances
??????? ??A chance for you to have FUN!!!

What???s on at Freebrough?

Cipher Club
Computing, Coding and Digital Leaders
Cooking Club
Dance Club
Duke of Edinburgh
Engineering Club
Fashion Club
First Aid Club
Freebrough’s Ink
Homework Club
Photography Club
Robotics Club
Singing Club
Youth Theatre

Enrichment Timetable

Please click on the Enrichment timetable to enlarge.
Enrichment Timetable September 2016??

Lunch Club

Students at Freebrough are welcome to spend their social times either indoors or outdoors as they wish.?? As you can see from the photographs below, our lunchtime games club is incredibly popular!

lunch 1lunch 2