Ofsted and Data – Our Rapidly Improving Exam Results

Since the Academy opened in September 2010 we have worked hard to raise the aspirations and achievements of all our students. We have seen some fantastic achievements this year in subject areas and for individual students.

Result Headlines 2016

Progress 8 Attainment 8 English & Maths C+ Ebacc
0.02 47.2 46.6% 8.3%

At a glance the new headline figures can be confusing and to an extent misleading. For parents the most important headline figure is Progress 8.  This demonstrates the progress made by students in the school.  It lets you know if a school adds value to your child.  It informs you of the progress made by students after leaving primary school.

The Progress 8 at Freebrough Academy is 0.02.  This means that students at the Academy make better progress when compared nationally with other schools.

 Attainment 8 shows the score on average a student leaving in Year 11 will achieve from a selection of 8 subjects. However top grades in this section do not always reflect a high performing school!  The Progress 8 illustrates if your child is being encouraged to reach their full potential.   Always consider the Progress 8; this is a more accurate reflection of how students in this school are performing

The English department continues to perform above national averages for the third year running with 73.7% A*-C and maths at 49.6%. In terms of A*/A maths improved by 6% compared to 2015; English achieved 20.3% A*/A.

The number of students who achieved 3A*/A is 23.3% which is a 10.8% improvement when compared to 2015.

We had 100% pass rate for students studying Ebacc.  The English Baccalaureate was introduced as a performance measure in the 2010 performance tables. It is not a qualification in itself. The measure recognises where pupils have secured a C grade or better across a core of academic subjects English, mathematics, history or geography, the sciences and a language.

The following subjects made the following improvements in expected levels of progress;

Subject % improvements in expected levels of progress
Biology 27.7
Resistant Materials 31.5
Chemistry 34.4
Art 37.4
Business 40.0
French 40.4
Engineering 43.8
Drama 51.0

We are also very proud of individuals in Year 11 who demonstrated that applying a sustained effort to their studies both in class, during their attendance at period 6 sessions and at home resulted in a set of fantastic results.

We wish all of the class of 2016 the very best of luck in all they do in the future.

Ofsted and DfE


We were delighted to receive a ‘GOOD’ grading at our last inspection.  You can read our full report by clicking on the link below:

Freebrough Academy Ofsted Inspection Report Jan 15

Department for Education School Performance League Tables

Please click here to view.