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BBC SchoolOn Thursday 10 March 2016 more than 1,000 schools took part in BBC News School Report, giving 11-16 year-old students the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. At Freebrough Academy, 16 students from Year 8 & 9 acted as news reporters for the day, writing news articles and recording news reports (please see below).

Student news reporters include; Charlotte, Sophie, Patricia, Sophie, Lauren, Thomas, Lexie, Tom, Chloe, Josh, Cory, Cameron, Demi, Jade, Chloe and Danielle.

“So far my favourite part has been recording my video” – Tom

“Enjoyed working with different people” – Jade

“Interesting to learn how to set everything out and the steps involved” – Sophie

“It was interesting and exciting” – Lexie

“It was interesting finding out about Dunblane” – Patricia

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News Articles 

20 years on since that tragic incident happened

What happened on that tragic day in Dunblane?

Dunblane Report

Technology for the future

Technology that will be a possibility in the future

Chloë Moretz and Kim Kardashian twitter argument

EU Referendum