BBC News School Report


BBC SchoolWelcome to Freebrough Academy’s BBC News School Report. On Thursday 16 March 2017 students across the country became news reporters for the day, making their own news reports for a real audience. At Freebrough Academy, students from Year 7 & 8 were writing news articles and recording news reports.

Adam Clarkson, BBC Tees Broadcasting Journalist joined us at Freebrough Academy to record a radio broadcast which led to two of our students also having the chance to interview Adam. To listen to the broadcast please click the link:

(57.14 Interviewing the interviewer Reuben and Bailey/1.56.51 Adam Clarkson interviewing various team members)
BBC Tees also produced a video explaining all about BBC School Report featuring our students, to see it please click this link:

Student news reporters included; Brooke, Ella, Emma, Caitlin, Robin, Callum, Kevin, Nathan, Bailey and Reuben.

“The day was amazing especially when Adam Clarkson was here!” – Bailey Y7

“The day was awesome, I loved the interviews.” – Robin Y7

“I’ve really enjoyed today and I’ve learnt a lot about what a journalist does.” – Caitlin Y8

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News Reports

Nintendo Switch – Reuben 

Today we used Apple Macs in the Post 16 centre to edit our videos that we recorded during the BBC News School Report. My report was focused on the recent launch of the Nintendo Switch and all of its flaws.  

Cars – Bailey 

My report was about how cars changed over the years. 

Evolution of the phone – Robin 

I talked about phone technology because the younger people will not know what the old phones and computers looked like.

NHS – Emma 

My report is about the NHS. I talked about how you should only go to the NHS if it is an emergency and not something you can treat yourself like: cuts, bruises, headaches and colds.

E-Safety – Callum

My report is about E Safety and gaming chatrooms, I mainly talked about how saying things in chatrooms affects people and making sure that people knew other people lie about their age and use chatrooms for cyber bullying.

Bullying – Ella and Brooke 

Our report was abut bullying and how it effects peopleโ€™s lives, also we talked about how to overcome it and different types of it.

Education – Caitlin 

My report is about education. In the report, I talk about if graduates are really ready for the world of work. I also talk about university graduates not recommending university to A-level students.

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