Why Choose Freebrough?

We are focused in supporting all of our students in reaching their full potential and equipping them to embark on lifelong learning. We strive to develop good learning habits, self discipline and a strong sense of responsibility to effectively prepare students for their chosen career.

There is a strong emphasis on demonstrating resilience and grit in all aspects of school life; fostering an expectation in students that they should give 100% effort in order to maximise outcomes.

Staff and students are proud to be part of the Academy and our values; created by our students who are at the core of everyday life.

The Academy values are FREDICE has PRIDE while daring greatly.


 Friendship: We appreciate how important it is to work in partnership with all of our stakeholders.  We recognise the purpose of these effective partnerships is to provide a fantastic community hub, which will help nurture and provide all students with the best opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes that will enable them to be successful learners.

Respect: At the Academy we have a strong emphasis upon the importance of kindness, courtesy, and consideration for others.

Excellence: We strive for excellence for our students in relation to academic achievement, behaviour, attendance and engagement in the life of the school.

Determination: We are determined to become an ‘Outstanding Academy’. Staff and students continuously work collaboratively to strive towards this goal; allowing us to progress from Ofsted ‘Good’.

Inspire: We aim to create a positive learning environment which will inspire our students to create a successful career pathway. Allowing them to positively contribute to their community in the future; therefore inspiring the role models of tomorrow.

Commitment: Our staff are dedicated to Quality First Teaching and fully committed to improving the life chances of our students.  As a TEEP (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme) Ambassador School all staff are TEEP Level 1 trained.

Equality: The Academy makes a positive contribution to the local community and we feel that we have been successful in creating a learning environment that promotes a knowledge and understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds, belief systems and global issues.

As well as using our website to find out about the Academy please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to arrange a visit and an opportunity to talk to staff and students.

Mrs. R Prentice