Our Expectations and Values

Code of Conduct
In Freebrough Academy we will:

*Be fully equipped for every lesson and arrive on time

*Respect each other and our environment

*Follow instructions and focus on learning

*Strive to achieve our targets and perform to our very best

*Be responsible members of our community and represent the Academy in a positive way

The Learning Ladder


The Academy uses a learning ladder to reward and issue consequences to the students.  You will find a copy of this in each classroom close to the board.

We reward students for exceptional behaviour using the R1-4 on the ladder and equally use C1-4 for students not following expectations.


We believe that doing homework on a regular basis helps students develop important skills.  By becoming more independent in their learning they will benefit more from their time at the Academy.

The Academy will:


*Ensure students are set homework on a regular basis and in manageable amounts

*Set tasks which are suitable and achievable within the time available

*Provide homework which relates to the work being done in the Academy

*Mark homework and give feedback to students

*Ensure that homework is at an appropriate level of difficulty for the students

*Provide suitable facilities for homework tasks to be carried out at the Academy



Mobile Phones, MP3 Players and iPods

Whilst the Academy accepts that mobile phones, MP3 players and iPods are now a part of everyday life, we do not permit students to bring them into the Academy as they can be a distraction.

There are increasing difficulties both locally and nationally with text bullying, students using mobiles to take videos in schools and then posting it onto sites such as YouTube, bullying on sites such as Facebook and students listening to music whilst teachers are trying to deliver lessons.

To avoid such issues at Freebrough Academy we ask parents and carers to support us with the following:

*Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones, MP3 players or iPods into the academy

*These items will be confiscated from any student who is found using them on the Academy site

*Parents/carers will need to collect the confiscated items from the Academy and agree future conduct in relation to these items

Our Values

At Freebrough Academy we encourage all members of the school community to live by their values. 

The Freebrough values are:


*We openly welcome new people

*We show patience, understanding and support for each other

*We help each other in school and out in the community


*We have mutual respect between staff and students

*We win and lose gracefully

*We treat others as we would wish to be treated

*We listen to the views of others and use good manners

*We respect ourselves and do not take part in risky behaviour


*We make the effort and exceed expectations

*We celebrate when someone does well

*We believe in our own talents and push ourselves to achieve our targets


*We do not give up when things get tough

*We think positively and keep trying

*We keep our goals in mind and work hard to achieve them


*We work hard to become good role models

*We are ambitious

*We follow our dreams and help others to do the same


*We stand up for what we believe in

*We are not afraid to stand up and speak in front of others

*We try new things even if we are unsure


*We treat everyone the same – regardless of our differences

*We do not judge people without getting to know them

*We don’t leave people out