Our Expectations and Values

Code of Conduct

 In Freebrough Academy we will:
  • Be fully equipped for every lesson and arrive on time
  • Respect each other and our environment
  • Follow instructions and focus on learning
  • Strive to achieve our targets and perform to our very best
  • Be responsible members of our community and represent the Academy in a positive way

Within our Academy we expect all students to:


Learning Ladder

The Academy uses a learning ladder to reward and issue consequences to the students.  You will find a copy of this in each classroom close to the board.

We reward students for exceptional behaviour using the R1-4 on the ladder and equally use C1-4 for students not following expectations.

Our students want to be the best that they can be and this is acknowledged through the ‘Daring Greatly’ programme. Students demonstrate on a day-to-day basis that they are daring greatly by collecting PRIDE points.  PRIDE points are awarded to students through a digital web based system called ‘Class Charts’. This replaces the previous reward system known as Vivo Miles. You can see your child’s number of PRIDE points displayed on their most current progress report. Each term we would like to reward our students for their efforts by inviting them to a Daring Greatly experience. Students will be invited to this rewards event if they have met the PRIDE points threshold of 500 points in any single term.





We believe that doing homework on a regular basis helps students develop important skills. By becoming more independent in their learning they will benefit more from their time at the Academy.

The Academy will:

  • Ensure students are set homework on a regular basis and in manageable amounts
  • Set tasks which are suitable and achievable within the time available
  • Provide homework which relates to the work being done in the Academy
  • Mark homework and give feedback to students
  • Ensure that homework is at an appropriate level of difficulty for the students
  • Provide suitable facilities for homework tasks to be carried out at the Academy

Mobile Phones, MP3 Players and iPods

Whilst the Academy accepts that mobile phones, MP3 players and iPods are now a part of everyday life, we do not permit students to bring them into the Academy as they can be a distraction.

There are increasing difficulties both locally and nationally with text bullying, students using mobiles to take videos in schools and then posting it onto sites such as YouTube, bullying on sites such as Facebook and students listening to music whilst teachers are trying to deliver lessons.

To avoid such issues at Freebrough Academy we ask parents and carers to support us with the following:

  • Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones, MP3 players or iPods into the academy
  • These items will be confiscated from any student who is found using them on the Academy site
  • Parents/carers will need to collect the confiscated items from the Academy and agree future conduct in relation to these items

Freebrough Academy Values

At Freebrough Academy we encourage all members of the school community to live by their values and to be ‘Daring Greatly’ learners.

To find out more about our values please see our ‘Our Values and Ethos’ webpage.

Daring Greatly Learners 

At Freebrough Academy we want our students to be the best that they can be. We praise the efforts of our students regardless of whether they fail or succeed because we believe that all children can achieve their goals if they are willing to work hard and keep working hard, despite obstacles which they may face. Our students strive to become ‘Daring Greatly’ Learners. Our ‘Daring Greatly’ students are those students who continue to push themselves and keep trying!

Freebrough Academy staff grade students as Daring Greatly Learners three times a year and hold a celebration ceremony to award students with their Daring Greatly badges. We thoroughly believe all students within our Academy have what it takes to become ‘Daring Greatly’ Learners.