Business and Enterprise

We use our specialist status in Business and Enterprise to raise standards of achievement and the quality of learning for all of our students. Business & Enterprise contributes to whole Academy improvement by developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning and instilling a ‘can do’ attitude in both students and staff. Through the Business and Enterprise specialism Freebrough Academy enriches and extends learning by encouraging economic and business understanding, enterprise activities and opportunities for pupils to follow a wide range of different learning pathways.

content-about-specThe aim of the Business and Enterprise specialism is to empower our young people to develop skills, attributes and talents that will ensure they succeed in their working and adult lives whether it be in employment, apprenticeships, self- employment, further training or higher education. In doing so we aspire to develop a spirit and love of enterprise such that there is no limit to a young person’s ambition, no ceiling on their talent and no restriction on where their potential may take them.

As a Business and Enterprise specialist, Freebrough Academy encourage working in partnership with students’ families, local primary schools and the local community, sharing resources and developing and sharing good practice. We  make links and work in partnership with the wider community, including business and industry, to enhance opportunities for lifelong learning.



Through a focus on enhancing understanding of the relationship between design & technology, mathematics and science, we use our Engineering Specialism to raise standards of achievement for all students.

We are cultivating partnerships with other local schools, industry, businesses and our community, sharing resources and good practice. We also strive to develop innovative practice in teaching and learning within engineering and technology in order to provide a model of excellence both within the Academy and across our community.

Through our Engineering Specialism we provide young people with the skills needed to progress into employment, further education, training and higher education according to their individual abilities, aptitudes and ambitions.