At Freebrough Academy we recognise that good attendance provides students with the best chance of achieving their potential. Since becoming an Academy we have worked tirelessly to improve attendance and we pride ourselves on making excellent progress. Attendance will continue to be high on our list of priorities. This section of the website outlines the following:

  • Why is good attendance important?
  • Academy Target
  • Information about the Attendance Team
  • Recent figures
  • Persistent Absenteeism and Procedures
  • Categories of Attendance
  • Updated Attendance Policy
  • Templates of response letters
  • Attendance Rewards and Interventions
  • Absence Procedures
  • Term Time Holidays

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Why is Our Target is 96%

We have recently increased the Academy target for attendance to 96%. It was previously 95%. We encourage all of our students to aim high and know that the majority are more than capable of achieving this figure. In turn this will give them a better chance at succeeding and achieving during their years at Freebrough Academy.


The Importance of Good Attendance

There is a clear link between attainment and attendance. The Academic Year of 2013-14 saw some of the best GCSE results in Freebrough Academy’s history. It is not surprising that Year 11’s in 2014  had excellent attendance.  The attendance posters below highlight the impact that attendance has on grades achieved and how lower attendance can significantly hinder achievement.