Post 16

Welcome to Post 16@Freebrough

At Freebrough Academy we are committed to developing and delivering a high quality offer to young people. Our Post16@Freebrough provision within our state of the art enterprise centre is situated in the heart of East Cleveland.

Post16@Freebrough offers a focused range of courses for 100 students, centred on our specialisms of business and enterprise and engineering with a focus on the key areas of growth in the Tees Valley over the next 10 to 15 years. Our status as a regional hub for the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy drives our curriculum offer and the opportunities available to our students and our partner organisations.

The Enterprise Centre is central to delivering a high quality education to young people through the creation of a business environment; a place for ‘incubating’ young entrepreneurs in a facility that has a professional, business like feel. Our courses lead to four distinct career pathways; health and social care, engineering, creative media and enterprise and entrepreneurship. Along with associated A level courses our curriculum and accredited routes are designed to support students in a seamless transition to Higher Education, further training and employment.

The environment at Post16@Freebrough instils in students the importance of having the skills, attitudes and approaches required to be successful in the ever changing world of work. Our network of partnerships with our sponsors, colleges and work-related learning providers delivers curriculum choices and personalises learning pathways, as well as providing distinctive and innovative learning experiences.

We are on an exciting journey in our vision to offer unique experiences and opportunities that will result in successful outcomes for young people at level two and three.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a high quality and innovative Post 16 provision by offering a relevant, varied and personalised curriculum to suit the needs of each individual student.

To achieve this we will encourage your professional creativity by:

  • Offering you a personalised learning programme; including challenges, work experience, internships with business partners and setting up your own business
  • Providing you with the equipment and technology you need to support your learning
  • Providing master classes with business and enterprise role models to inspire and motivate you to be successful in your courses and beyond
  • Providing you with academic, vocationally related qualifications as well as occupational qualifications such as apprenticeships
  • Creating a business-like environment; a place for incubating your entrepreneurial skills
  • Helping you to focus on developing your skills as an independent learner and as an adult responsible for project ownership and leadership; as well as developing your communication skills, including oral, written and presentation skills
  • Celebrating your successes and encouraging you to take part in high profile events and competitions
  • Providing volunteering opportunities in your local and wider community