Senior Leadership Team
Linda Halbert Principal
Donna Butcher Deputy Principal
June Foxton Deputy Principal Resources
Rachel Prentice Deputy Principal
Andrew Bell Assistant Principal Maths
Raymond Donnison Assistant Principal, Head of School Innovation
Douglas Forteath Assistant Principal, Head of School Motivation
Joshua Hukin Assistant Principal, Head of School Inspiration
Helen Porter Assistant Principal, Head of School Aspiration
Claire Druery HR Director
Lynne Athey Governor Support
Business, Enterprise and Modern Foreign Languages
Rachael Newton Director of Learning, Teacher of Business and Enterprise
Zara Bowman Teacher of Business
Rachel Prentice Teacher of Business
Helen Porter Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Creative and Performing Arts
Clare Parker Director of Learning, Teacher of Dance
Carly Skidmore Assistant Director of Learning, Teacher of Drama
Heather Goodwill Teacher of Art
Gary Moody Teacher of Art
Diane Hopper Arts Technician
Design, Innovate, Create and Evolve (DiCE)
Victoria Matthews Director of Learning, Teacher of IT
Guy Cuthbert Assistant Director of Learning, Teacher of Design and Technology
Victoria Iley Teacher of Health and Social Care
Hayley Bleasby Teacher of DiCE
Kate Brown Teacher of DiCE
Raymond Donnison Teacher of DiCE
Janine Matthews Teacher of DiCE
Jonathan Easby Technician (Design and Technology)
Jacklin Miller Technician (Food Science)
James Goodwill Director of Learning, Teacher of English
Donna Butcher Teacher of English
Sian Clark Teacher of English
Sarah Fenby Teacher of English
Emma Gibson Teacher of English
Josh Hukin Teacher of English
Sophi Robinson Teacher of English
Darren Smith Teacher of English
Alexander White Media Technician
Michael Houlgate Director of Learning, Teacher of History and RE
Paul Belmont Assistant Director of Learning, Teacher of Geography and RE
Lucy Jensen Teacher of Geography and RE
Phillip Weatherup Teacher of Geography and RE
Andrew Bell Assistant Principal Maths, Teacher of Maths
Bradley Bonner Assistant Director of Learning, Teacher of Maths
Richard Laverick Teacher of Maths
Clifford Rawson Teacher of Maths
Laura Robinson Teacher of Maths
Sarah Walker Teacher of Maths (Progress Leader)
Salma Jamil Acting Assistant Director of Learning Science
Adrianne Barnes Teacher of Science
Simon Daykin Teacher of Science
Douglas Forteath Teacher of Science
Paula Heaney Teacher of Science (Progress Leader)
Sarah Walker Teacher of Science (Progress Leader)
Alison Middlemas Science Technician
Sport and Health
Heather Blackburn Director of Learning, Teacher of Sport
Kelly McNulty Assistant Director of Learning, Teacher of Sport
Ailsa Bell Teacher of Sport
Sarah Deakin Teacher of Sport (Progress Leader)
Ryan Hutchcraft Teacher of Sport (Progress Leader)
Support for Learning
Joanne Hutchcraft Director of Learning
Michelle Rispin Community Curriculum Leader
Nicola Lawson Literacy & Numeracy Coordinator
Lisa Hampton Learning Mentor
Michelle Bowmaker Learning Support Assistant
Jill Brown Learning Support Assistant
Elizabeth Cox Learning Support Assistant
Cheryl Crutchley Learning Support Assistant
Joan Heath Learning Support Assistant
Dawn Schneider Learning Support Assistant (support for Maths)
Jill Twiby Learning Support Assistant
Abbie Robinson Learning Support Apprentice
Alex Conway Learning Support Assistant
Pastoral/Education Support
Lee Bateman Pastoral Leader
Amy Douglas Pastoral Leader
Alison Holmes Pastoral Leader
Leanne Vodden Pastoral Leader
Angela McNaught Behaviour Support Manager
Joanne Holmes Attendance Assistant
Suzanne Hinds Librarian
Post 16 (Enterprise Centre)
Kelly Dillon Director of Post 16, Teacher of Business
Alexandra Price Post 16 Progression Mentor
Lauren Greenwood Post 16 Liaison Assistant
Business Support
Jean Canwell Personal Assistant to the Principal
Caroline Leng Partnership Assistant
Eileen Chapman Office Manager
Alison Jolly Admin Assistant
Gemma Laing Admin Assistant
Alison Taylor Admin Assistant
Kaye Willoughby Admin Assistant
Kelly Lowe Exams Officer
Laura Clements Data Assistant
Rachael Winspear Student Services Assistant
Louise Allanson Finance Manager
Karen Gray Finance Assistant
Mandy Thompson HR Advisor
Mark Tann Network Manager
Craig O’Grady Network Technician
Joshua Midgley IT Apprentice
Hannah Clayton Marketing Intern
Premises Support
David Powley Site Manager
Eric Stevenson Caretaker
Robert Laker Relief Caretaker
Eileen Laker Housekeeper
Francois Erasmus Catering Manager
Nora Welford Cook in Charge
Angela Templeman Assistant Cook
Tracie Dunstan Kitchen Assistant
Elizabeth Hodgson Kitchen Assistant
Susan Sawdon Kitchen Assistant
Hazel Smith Kitchen Assistant
Rose Wilkinson Kitchen Assistant
Wendy Wilton Kitchen Assistant
Susan Nicholas Cleaner Supervisor
Sharon Bowers Cleaner
Sally Buddle Cleaner
Linda Gray Cleaner
Elizabeth Hodgson Cleaner
Karen Poulson Cleaner
Allison Shelley Cleaner
Gladys Stevenson Cleaner
Susan Stoker Cleaner
Karen Tokarski Cleaner
Donna Ward Cleaner
Stuart Bates Invigilator
Sheila Cornfield Invigilator
Sallie Anne Fall Invigilator
Robert Jackson Invigilator
Patricia Lawrenson Invigilator
Anne McKenna Invigilator
Margaret Mitchell Invigilator
Margaret Myers Invigilator
Clifford Pountain Invigilator