The Freebrough Restaurant


Freebrough Academy’s catering service is provided by our own in house catering team.

The food and drink we provide meets the national school food standards. We evaluate our food and drink provision regularly against the standards and seek and respond to student voice and opinions on the food we provide for them.

We have recently introduced a new 3 week menu cycle to further enhance our healthy menu choices.

We serve food three times a day, at early morning break (before school starts), break time and lunch time.

Health and Lifestyle

At Freebrough Academy, we encourage our students to follow an active and healthy lifestyle. Recent media attention, surrounding the rise in obesity levels among both adults and children, has led to actions at a national and local level.

You may have already heard about encouraging your family to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day as well as becoming more active by walking/cycling to school and participating in sport.

We ensure our dining facilities provide a range of healthy hot and cold food choices encompassing the 5-a-day choices along with the nutrients required to stay healthy. The aim of the Freebrough Restaurant is to inspire our students to eat healthily by providing exciting, nutritious food in a safe, caring environment.

Menus are designed to offer choice, take into consideration vegetarian, cultural and religious dietary requirements and meet the requirements of the Nutritional Standards and Requirements for School Food 2007.