Academy Rewards and Sanctions Update

At the Academy we aim to reward our students who strive for excellence through encouraging hard work and maximum effort in their learning  through the demonstration of core values of FREDICE (Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage, Equality).  The students are rewarded via different avenues; Vivo rewards, Freebrough flyers, positive calls home and a weekly R4 prize draw.

On occasion our consequence system will be used for the disruption of the learning of others – please see the Learning Ladder.  The consequences involve; student removed from lesson or taken to on-call room, same day after school detention (when parents will be notified by text message, followed by a telephone call home by the classroom teacher)

Same day detentions for Consequence 4 will commence on Monday 18 January 2016.

For more information please see the letter on the Policies and Letters Home webpage.

Learning Ladder