Let’s get Sugar Smart – Get the Sugar Smart App!


Over the last year or so, here at Freebrough Academy, we have been working with students in assemblies, teaching them about how much sugar is in drinks.

Change4Life have launched a healthy eating campaign, called Sugar Smart, which focuses on the dangers of consuming too much sugar. They have launched a new app called Sugar Smart to help families visualise the sugar lurking in foods – available to download for free from the App Store or Google Play. The app allows you to scan barcodes and find out the sugar content in a variety of everyday foods and drinks. Sugar

  • Get the app – Download the Sugar Smart app (App Store or Google Play)
  • Start scanning – Scan the barcodes on food packaging at home and at the shops
  • Reveal the sugar – See the number of sugar cubes lurking in everyday food and drink. You’d be surprised just how many there are!

Kids are said to be consuming THREE times more sugar than they should be based on the maximum daily added sugar recommendation, according to the Sugar Smart website.

The maximum daily amounts of added sugar are:

  • 4-6 years – 5 cubes max (19 grams)
  • 7-10 years – 6 cubes max (24 grams )
  • 11+ years – 7 cubes max (30 grams)

Please note that one cube of sugar represents 4g of sugar

Further information, including recipes and ideas for healthy swaps, are available on the Change4Life website to help parents take control of the sugar in their child’s diet.

Sugar Smart