Read to Achieve – New reading scheme

Read to Achieve is a new reading scheme that we are introducing at Freebrough Academy. We are aware that academic achievement is closely linked to reading ability so we are encouraging all our students to participate in a new reading experience.

Students are being issued with a Reading Passport. We have produced three reading lists for students to work through. The students have to choose five different authors from the list and five authors of their own choice. Once they have finished one of the books they need to get their passport stamped by Mrs Hinds, the library manager.  On completing the ten books students will receive rewards.

You can support your child further by:

  • Encouraging them to read for at least 20 minutes per day
  • Discuss what they are reading and why
  • Prompt your child to read a variety of texts
  • Promote a relaxed environment for reading
  • Encourage your child to complete their passports and get them stamped

Your child can also take a quiz on the books that have been read and you can assess their progress on the online Accelerated Reading Home Contact area.