What’s been happening in the Performing and Creative Arts faculty?

Art 3

Talented Young Dancers at Freebrough – During November students from Freebrough took part in a talent spotting workshop, which was delivered as part of Dance City’s CAT Recruitment Scheme in order to identify gifted and talented young dancers.

The scheme is funded by the Department for Education and has been running successfully for a number of years now. Students took part in technique exercises, learnt set material and completed choreographic tasks. All students worked extremely hard and demonstrated sheer grit and resilience throughout.

Bang the Drum! – Also during November, Year 7 students took part in a series of drumming workshops.  They worked with a professional drummer and had the opportunity to use a variety of percussion instruments. Students worked on group rhythms and each session resulted in a whole group performance. The enthusiasm, energy and thirst for learning from all students involved was absolutely outstanding!

Redcape Theatre Company – The Year 9 GCSE Drama group have attended a performance by Redcape Theatre in Saltburn, ‘Be Brave and Leave for the Unknown’. In the same week students also had the pleasure of working with the company at Freebrough in a workshop based on devising work from a stimulus. Students really enjoyed the whole experience and demonstrated real professionalism and maturity at both events.

Christmas Concert – On Thursday 10 December 2015 Freebrough held its annual Christmas Concert. There were dance, drama and music performances from students in Year 7-11. The evening was fantastic and was another opportunity to see just how talented students at Freebrough really are. The festive refreshments were more than tasty but the biggest treat of the evening was the visit from the big man himself (Father Christmas but shhhh it’s a secret!)

Panto Trip! – On Friday 11 December 2015 students from Year 7 and 8 went to watch Dick Whittington the pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle. The performance was excellent and enjoyed by all. It was a fantastic way to get into the Christmas spirit and as always students represented the academy in an exceptional manner.

Boys Dance Day – A number of boys from Year 7 and 8 took part in the boys dance day in January. This involved a series of workshops with dance practitioners, with workshops focused around; contemporary, contact and street dance. The whole day was a fantastic experience for those involved and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They demonstrated superb energy, enthusiasm, grit and resilience.