Parent drop-in

Would you like to know more about Time 4 You School Psychological Service? Do you have any questions or concerns about the issues that face young people today? Is there anything that you would particularly like support with regarding emotional well-being? Are you unsure whether you should be concerned about a change in behaviour? Or do you keep your worries to yourself? Come along it’s a friendly informal setting, we can support any concerns you have both in and outside of school. 

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Attendance Matters!

Did you know that the attendance target set within our Academy is 96% for a reason?

If a student has attendance above 96% they are 80% more likely to achieve at least five good GCSEs compared to a student who has attendance below 96%. Students whose attendance drops below 90% have only a 20% chance of achieving five good GCSEs. 

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Three Murals in Four Days

The piece de resistance this term in the art department was what we are calling ‘Three Murals in Four Days’. It began with an idea to brighten up an area of the Academy on the ground floor. Design boards were created with ideas for three different walls, on seeing the designs, Mrs Prentice, was very excited and eager for the work to start.

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